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Here is the notes PPT I’ve been using in class! Feel free to download it for help per scene or quotes or anything!

Quick link for Act 1, Scene 3:

Welcome to the first day of reading Macbeth! Reading Shakespeare can be intimidating for many students however with patience and help we can tease out a great many truths and threads…

If you need or simply would like a modern, easy to read version of the play go to:

I’ll alo include a copy of Macbeth’s Act 1 here as well:

Here are the links you want to use for today.

Ethics PBL – Have one member of your team download a copy of the Hyperdoc to their google drive. Share that copy with your team members! Once you have all secured access please type in your names and send me a link to VIEW and EDIT your hyperdocs.

Hello! I know the schedule has been odd this week so I’m posting up a bunch of your documents to assist you. Below you will find the docs I handed out in class as well as some items to assist you.

Here are copies of each of Beowulf’s Battles as well as the original study guide.

Let’s get ready for our first timed writing! Here are the handouts and today’s PowerPoint to follow along.

Extended Paragraph Pattern Reminder Sheet

Prepping for Beowulf Timed Writing 1 PowerPoint

The Language of Evil Handout & Activity

In addition to all this help, here are topic sentences to help construct your paragraph and frame it.

  1. In the “Battle with Grendel,” the poet portrays Grendel as a villain through imagery and kennings, implying that evil is no match for heroism.
  2. In “Battle with Grendel,” the poet portrays Grendel as evil through imagery and kennings, suggesting that true evil is incapable of remorse or contrition.
  3. In “Battle with Grendel,” the poet portrays Grendel’s as a villain through lurid imagery, indicating that evil is a destructive force that must be vanquished.

It’s September, baby! Welcome to Beowulf! Beowulf is a foundational text in English, providing a view to the language’s evolution and past. Here are a ton of handouts…

Handouts Included are:

Beowulf: A Study Guide

Study Guide Worksheet

The Battle with Grendel

The Battle with Grendel (Plain English)

The Hero Within

Here is the link for the Application Essay Template. Fill it out to prep your essay for submission! Make sure everything is Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced before you submit. (press ctrl-A to highlight everything and adjust at once…)

Turn in your essay in at

Check your school email for a message. If you have had an account before click on the link and sign in! If you for are new to, click the link and follow the instructions. If it asks for your last name, or you forgot your password, look at the email to see how the system sees your name! If your name is backwards copy and paste your first name and any initials or names to the right of it.