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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Turn in your Book here: Independent Reading Book Choice.

First part of class will be on your Application Essay. We’ll be looking at where to research and where to put your data!

The second part of class will be on Pushing limits

Today we’ll be splitting our time between the classroom and the library.

First, we will be discussing our first major writing assignment and the terms to understand it. Here is a link to the packet: Application Essay (save a copy to your own Google Drive!)

We will look at Parts A, B, & C with Part A being due tomorrow (15 August 2019) in class. Parts B & C will be due by Friday (16 August 2019).

Second, you will be going to the library to select a book for our first major reading assignment: the Independent Reading Project. The book you select must be appropriate for your reading level. You must have a selection ready by Friday (16 August 2019).

We reviewed the Plan for Success today! Please have your materials ready by Friday, 9 August 2019.

Today was the second day of the Six Word Memoir. Yesterday, students were tasked with completing 10 to 15 rough Six-Word Memoirs. Today you are expected to review and revise three! Have this PowerPoint (The power of words ), it may help if you don’t remember what we discussed during class.

Please turn in your Scavenger Hunt from yesterday, it’s worth a point! I’m aware there were problems with submitting the Quick Contact Form and will correct that soon.

First up, the Baggage Claim Activity, an ice breaker designed to help facilitate introductions.

We then began the Introduction to the Six-Word Memoir. This was the main thrust or point of the class.

Homework is to create 10-15 Six-Word Memoir rough drafts.

Vocabulary used today was Word Choice, Tone, & Register.

Greetings and salutations! If this is your first time seeing my page, welcome! This will be the place you go to find important documents and digital copies of handouts. Please explore and tell me if you see any typos and remember: my cat’s name is Reign.