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Dear Students:

Due to COVID-19, all courses have been moved to the TEAMS platform until further notice. Use this document to access all assignments for English 8. This is the same for Dr. Pelotte, Dr. Lawrence, and Mr. Arenas’ classes.

👍 All assignments will be recovery-oriented, meant to help you to reassess on standards. Essentially, these assignments have the potential to help your grade and will not hurt your grade.

😀 Below is a menu of re-assessment options. Students should complete the recovery options applicable to the standards they most need to recover. For example, missing assignments should take priority, and then lower scores (1 or 2) should be prioritized over higher scores (3 or 4).

⚠ All assignments, except when noted, should be submitted via As always, be sure to check StudentVue for the latest updated information about your grade in this course.

Your teachers’ emails are as follows:

Dr. Lawrence:

Mr. Arenas:

Dr. Pelotte: