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It has been a veritable whirlwind this week as well as last but we are nearing the end sooner rather than later.

Here is the powerpoint I used to help write the “bones” of your paper. Please use it over the weekend if you need assistance!

We reviewed TPCASTT reading while discussing Robert Frost and two of his works. In addition, the new creative poetry tasks were assigned. Finally, the Short Story Project was handed out. Hope you found a story for Monday/Tuesday!

Not a lot to tell for class I’m afraid! Today was the first real assignment on No Red Ink: Vague Pronouns. It’s due by Friday, 24th of January at 3:30pm!

Last review of the short story “A&P” by John Updike. In fact, here is one last practice handout to help prepare for the first timed writing of the quarter.

Today is No Red Ink Day! Please log in and complete BOTH diagnostics, please. These diagnostics are designed to set the system to your difficulty and allow you to demonstrate proficiency ahead of your assignments.

Here is the link to turn in your Introduction to Poetry IMAGES assignment.

Please make sure that you are enrolled in the right class on No Red Ink by going to “My Classes” from the menu on the top right of the screen, it’s where your name is. Class codes by period are below, enter in the correct class code if necessary and click “Leave Class” to remove the incorrect class period.

NRI Codes by hour:

1st: green bead 26

2nd: curved owl 56

4th: past tree 31

7th: slim bean 32

8th: fancy basket 41

We started the week on a strong foot and jumped right into it! We are diving further into Identity and The Self by looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Also, to round out the class period we read and discussed the short story “A&P” by John Updike.

We had a little quiz on yesterday’s poem, Billy Collin’s “An Introduction to Poetry”. A set of Creative Poetry Tasks was also assigned! Creative Poetry Tasks are longer-term assignments that are more about you creatively engaging with the reading and making your own conclusions rather than right-or-wrong answers. These first are due Wednesday, 15 January 2020.

Today we read “Borges y Yo” by Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine poet and writer. His work falls into several camps although he may be best known for his short stories featuring Magical Realism.

Your homework is to write your own prose poem imitating Borges’ style and subject, this will be due on Friday, 10 January 2020. Rough Draft with edits and Final Draft are required.

PS Here is “Borges and I” in the original Spanish.

Monday and Tuesday we learned about the concepts of “Self” & “Identity”, I have included the PowerPoint below. In addition, we discussed the idea of “The Watcher at The Gates”, an essay from Gail Godwin on our inner critical voice.