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You will find both a corrected Research Proposal Template as well as an additional template for your Annotated Bibliography.

Here is the link to begin your proposal. Remember to go to File, Make A Copy then save it to your G-drive!

Research Proposal HyperDoc

Here you will find a template for your essay! Just change the name in the header and in the top left-hand corner as well as change it from English 7 to English 8. Additionally, make sure you replace the “X” and put your correct hour. Remember, this template has been created with the proper formatting already built-in!

General Class Template (Word)

General Class Template (Google) (Please download a copy of the Google document then edit as you see fit.)

You will turn in your final essay on Thursday with additional documents in the following order: final copy, rubric, rough draft, original timed writing, study guide, annotated reading.

The following are the link to your research question, this week’s handouts, and bonus handouts to enhance your essay! Sweet…

Link to turn-in your research question:

We are in the Computer Lab, Rm. 8105 today! Please go there directly, thanks!

Player’s Handbook:

Indexed Player Handbook v3.5

Greetings and Salutations, students!


Welcome to the online resource page of Mr. Arenas‘ English 7-8 and 7-8 Honors class. This page is designed to act as a daily blog of the class and an online library of course materials and resources. Here you will find digital copies of any handouts you receive in class.

No longer will you have to depend on the whims of a forgetful teacher. Forget the era of being at the mercies of temperamental copiers! You are free to print your own resources in case of absence or accident. Furthermore, additional links or study aids are made available for you here. Should you need further assistance you can reach me by email or (this will be provided to you in class).

Finally, I look forward to meeting you and starting this academic journey with you. It will not be easy but together we shall overcome it!


L.R. Arenas