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So, here we are at the start of a project! I’ll try to list materials and helpful places to look for additional data. Furthermore, I’ll try to clarify and answer questions I’ve received so far.


You should start here to get grounded in the assignments background:

Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey (a video covering the impending AI revolution and its effects on employment)

Everyone keeps talking about AI by Jordan Novet (an article that was to be close-read for class)


Here are the project’s associated materials:

Unit One and You Sets up the units expectations and fundamental questions

Pushing_limits Ver. 3.5 The project’s assignment sheet

Pushing Limits Resource Links! Articles organized by realm (emotional, intellectual, & physical)

Project AAI grade sheet Cover sheet for the project with rubric


Project AI Scenarios (please choose one and record it)

  1. Counselor: Your AI has been dispatched to assist a colony on Mars. The colonists report growing depression and mounting anxieties but have no counselors or mental health professionals to turn to. Your AI must aid these scientists by providing comfort and support while navigating the harsh terrain of the desert world.
  2. Rescuer: A research station built in the crushing depths of the Marianas Trench has had a serious accident. While the scientists have stabilized the tears to the hull they need a more permanent solution. Your AI is being sent to repair the station and offer medical aid to the scientists while facing the crushing depths of the sea.
  3. Explorer: A signal from space has excited Earth’s scientists! A massive rectangular object has been detected orbiting Jupiter and it is definitely artificial. Your AI is being dispatched to investigate on a mission of peace. Unfortunately, it will be traveling alone and “asleep” till it arrives in Jupiter’s orbit. Your design must include systems to explore, investigate, and survive the lonely trip to the edge of the beyond.



  • How will this be graded?

The prototype will be graded as an assessed standard, so it will be worth a lot of your early grade. The rest will be noted as practice in the grade-book.


  • What do I need on Friday?
  1. One completed AI prototype based on 6 articles of research (plus the the video and first close reading) that are properly attributed. 
  2. Three printed close -read articles.
  3. A list of your team members.
  4. Your team’s plan if a team member doesn’t complete their task.
  5. Team member’s plan for communication and organization.
  6. Team member’s roles and responsibilities.


  • Can I just draw/trace a famous robot/AI for the picture?

This isn’t an art class so you do you, but you can’t just copy a robot for this. Your are building an AI based on human limits for specific missions. Use your imagination! Take inspiration for function from what you know but synthesis and imagination based on the facts you uncover is more interesting and worth more towards your grade.