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Abridged Judging Rubric:

About the project: For this presentation, students were first asked to develop a researchable question related to the topic of self and identity with respect to larger societal structures such as race, class, gender, etc. In teams, students then gathered information and compiled an annotated bibliography of helpful sources in pursuing their research question. Some also conducted original research in the form of interviews or surveys. Today, they present the results of this inquiry along with how this project impacted their understanding of their original question.

Content of presentation

1. Presentation is neatly and professionally done.
2. Research question is clear and compelling.
3. Rational (reason for research) is clear, appropriate, and compelling. Reason for pursuing this research is clearly presented.
4. Method of research is well-considered an appropriate for the question.
5. The research process is clearly presented.
6. Results/conclusions are appropriately presented and explained.
7. Results/conclusions are authentic and address any unanswered questions or paths for further inquiry.


1. Presenters are appropriately attired.
2. Presenters are all knowledgeable about the project.
3. Central message is compelling (precisely stated, appropriately repeated, memorable, and strongly supported)
4. Presentation is appropriately organized and sequenced.
5. Presenters speak confidently and articulately. Language choices enhance the effectiveness of the presentation. Appropriate for audience and context.